All reservations and agreements for Banquet Event Orders as contracted are made upon, and are subject to, the rules and regulations of the Comfort Suites Royal Ridges Conference Center, and the following conditions:

Banquet Service Charge

A taxable service charge of eighteen percent (18%) is to be added to the customer’s bill for food and beverage charges.

Contractual Liability

Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of the management to complete the same, and is subject to labor troubles, disputes, accidents, restrictions upon travel, transportation, food, beverages or supplies, and other causes whether enumerated herein or not, beyond the control of management preventing or interfering with performance. In no event shall the Comfort Suites Royal Ridges Conference Center be liable for the loss of profit or for other similar or dissimilar collateral or consequential damages whether based on breach of contract, warranty, or otherwise.


The contracting customer is responsible and shall reimburse the Comfort Suites Royal Ridges Conference Center for any damages, loss, or liability incurred by any of the customer’s guests or any persons or organizations contracted by the customer for services or goods before, during, or after the event.

Microphone will be inspected prior to each and every event, as well as after each and every event. Any misuse, loss, damage, or abuse done to the Microphone or Sound System will result in a minimum fine of $400.00, regardless of the extent of damage to the property.

Food and Beverage

Due to legal liability for all food and beverages served on premises, as well as licensing restrictions, Comfort Suites Royal Ridges Conference Center requires that only food and beverages purchased from the conference center be served on the property. For liability reasons, leftover food cannot be taken out of the function rooms or off the premises. (WI Administrative code (DH&SS sec. 196.07)) The only exception to this policy will be the wedding cake.

The sale and service of alcoholic beverages are regulated by the Wisconsin Liquor Commission. As a licensee, the Comfort Suites Royal Ridges Conference Center is responsible for the administration of these regulations. It is our policy; therefore, that liquor cannot be brought into function rooms from outside sources. (Wis.State 125.32(6))

An 18% service charge and 5.5% tax is added to all host bars (including unlimited soda service), drink tickets and barrels of beer.

There will be a $30 restocking fee on any half barrels of beer that were ordered and not consumed.

One bartender is provided per 75 guests. If additional bartenders are requested there will be an additional $50 per hour fee per additional bartender.

Alcoholic beverages will be dispensed by licensed bartenders at all functions. Everyone consuming alcoholic beverages must be of legal drinking age for Wisconsin (21). No one will be served alcoholic beverages under the age of 21 even if a parent or guardian is present. Guests in your party, who are drinking to excess in the opinion of our bartenders or management, will not be served. All bars must conclude by the contracted time. Please see your sales advisor for more information.


To ensure that every detail is handled in an efficient, professional manner, we require that details should be completed two months prior to the event. At this point you will receive a copy of your banquet order. Menu prices are guaranteed for six months.

In arranging for private functions, the attendance must be definitely specified and communicated to the center by 11:00am seventy‐two (72) hours in advance. This number will be considered for billing purposes unless the actual number of guests is greater. At this time, an estimated bill of the food and beverage charges incurred throughout your event (based on your guarantee count) will be calculated and payment for this amount will be received. If a meal guarantee is not received, the expected number of guests will be considered the guarantee.
If your organization is tax‐exempt, please notify your sales associate. A copy of your tax exemption certificate must be on file prior to your event.

Function Space

The premises shall be at all times under the exclusive control of the Comfort Suites Royal Ridges Conference Center. Functions must be confined to the contracted designated areas.

The Comfort Suites Royal Ridges Conference Center is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or missing items that are brought into the facility. All items pertinent to the event must be scheduled for pickup or removal within 48 hours of the function.

The Comfort Suites Royal Ridges Conference Center is a smoke free facility. No smoking is permitted inside the convention facility or hotel. Smoking is permissible in the designated outside areas.

Off-Premise Catering

A delivery charge will be assessed based on the size of the event and the location.

Lodging Rooms

If requested, a guest room block will be set aside at the time that you book your event. Your guests are responsible for making their own reservations within this block at least 30 days prior to the event—unless other arrangements have been made. Any rooms from that block not reserved at that time will be released and turned into available hotel inventory. The Comfort Suites Royal Ridges Conference Center offers the following amenities for all group blocks:

Special discounted room rates—including a complimentary hot breakfast buffet each morning.
Access to the indoor pool, whirlpool, fitness center and children’s fun center.

Signs and Banners

No signs, posters, banners, decorations, or printed material will be allowed to be pinned, taped, or affixed in any way to doors, walls or ceilings. Please note that we do not allow confetti, rice or sequins. Any breach of this policy will result in a minimum charge of $250 for damages and or clean up expenses. Please see your advisor for permissible materials that may be allowed.


The required Saturday minimums (food and beverage purchased by the client) are as follows:
Cavalier Room (seating up to 150) $2,500
Monarch Room (seating up to 250) $4,000
Arboretum Room (seating up to 150) $3,000
Arboretum Terrace $ 750
Cavalier Courtyard $ 650

Deposits and Payments

A minimum deposit of $500 is required with the signed contract for Friday and Sunday weddings— Saturday weddings require a $700 deposit. All other functions will be assessed a deposit based on the size of the event—see your sales advisor for more information. All deposits will be applied to the final bill. Please note that all deposits are non‐refundable and non‐transferrable.

Tentative bookings will not be held for more than 10 days without a deposit.

All estimated charges must be paid in full 24 hours prior to the event. Unless other arrangements are made, the client must have a valid credit card on file with the sales advisor to bill any additional charges that may occur. All direct bill accounts require an approved credit application submitted at least 60 days prior to the event. Direct bill payments are due within 30 days of the billing date. A 1.5% monthly finance charge will be applied to accounts over 30 days past due.